Poll Finds More Americans Think Peace With North Korea is Possible

A man watches a television screen showing U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during a news program at the Seoul Train Station in Seoul, South Korea, on Aug. 10, 2017. AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

(CN) – A majority of American voters believe that a peaceful solution with North Korea will happen, according to a new poll released Wednesday.

In the Quinnipiac University poll, 65 percent of American voters said they think negotiations with the North Korean government will be successful. Just 16 percent think the U.S. will need to resort to military force.

Earlier this month, the White House announced President Donald Trump accepted an invitation to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. If it happens, it will be the first time a sitting president has met with a North Korean leader.

North Korea has been developing nuclear weapons technology for decades, despite numerous sanctions by several countries, including its neighbor China.

According to the poll, 66 percent of voters approve of the president’s meeting with Kim and South Korean leader Moon Jae-in. Additionally, 46 percent said they have confidence in Trump’s ability to handle the situation, a marked increase from January when just 36 percent said the same.

“Should President Donald Trump meet Kim Jung-Un eyeball to eyeball? ‘Absolutely,’ say American voters,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll in a written statement.

Kim tested a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile last November, showing North Korea is capable of hitting the U.S. mainland. The U.S. placed new, tougher economic sanctions on 56 companies and individuals tied to North Korea as a result of that missile test.

At a rally of supporters earlier this month, Trump said he felt North Korea wanted to make peace.

“I think it’s time,” Trump told the crowd. “And I think we’ve shown great strength.”

The decision to meet with North Korea came after Trump spoke with South Korean National Security head Chung Eui-yon, who invited the president to the talks. The meeting has yet to be scheduled.

Kim has pledged to halt nuclear and missile tests while the talks are proceeding.

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