Poll Finds Most Americans Think Trump Is Prejudiced and Selfish

(CN) — Most Americans disapprove of the way Donald Trump has conducted himself as president and believe he is prejudiced and selfish, according to a Pew Research Center report released Tuesday.

A survey of 1,893 adults conducted this month found that 58 percent of Americans say they do not like the way Trump conducts himself as president, while just 16 percent say they approve of his conduct.

Large majorities across most demographic groups disapproved of the way Trump conducts himself, including men (53 percent) and white people (51 percent). Sixty-two percent of women respondents, 81 percent of African Americans and 70 percent of Latinos said they don’t like the way Trump has conducted himself as president.

The survey found that 45 percent of Americans do not agree with Trump on any or almost any issues, while 15 percent agree with him on all or nearly all issues.

Although Trump’s approval rating among Republicans has generally been high in his first seven months as president, the Pew survey found that nearly one-third of Republicans say they agree him on only a few or no issues, while a majority expressed mixed or negative feelings about his conduct.

The survey found that most Republicans and Republican-leaning Americans want Trump to listen more to members of the GOP who have governing experience. However, conservative Republicans (52 percent) are less likely than moderate and liberal Republicans (70 percent) to say that Trump should listen more to his Republican colleagues.

While half of Americans say they are very or somewhat confident in Trump’s ability to negotiate favorable trade agreements with other countries, only 40 percent say they are very or somewhat confident in his ability to make wise decisions about immigration and the use of nuclear weapons.

A little more than half of Americans say Trump is not tough enough in dealing with Russia.

While only 26 percent of the public believe that Trump could be described as “even-tempered,” 51 percent of Americans view him as intelligent.

Sixty-five percent of Americans believe Trump is selfish and 55 percent describe him as prejudiced.

A separate Pew survey of nearly 5,000 adults between Aug. 8 and 21 found stark divisions between those who approve and those who disapprove of Trump’s job performance, though many on both sides believe that Trump should tweet less.

In the open-ended online survey, half of those who approve of Trump’s job performance said they liked his personality or approach.

“His pride and love for America and its people is genuine and comes through … he’s not a politician, but one of us,” one 48-year-old man responded when asked what he liked most about how Trump is handling his job.

The majority of those who disapprove of Trump said they like nothing about him.

“Best thing he does is go golfing frequently,” one 70-year-old responded. “Leaves him much less time to figure out what it takes to be a president and therefore has less time to mess up even more than he already has.”

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