Political Skulduggery Alleged in New Mexico

SANTA FE, N.M. (CN) – A supervising engineer claims the New Mexico Department of Transportation fired him for objecting to large, and sometimes unnecessary, contracts and purchase orders being given “to parties that had made large political contributions to New Mexico state elected officials.”

     Earl Franks claims that after he objected, his boss told him, “This is how things work and at your level you do not understand the big picture.” He claims that improper contracts and purchase orders were given to Poly-Carb and Qualcon, both of which “made large contributions to elected state officials.”
     Franks says he was fired in April for his objections, after 11 years with the DOT. He demands reinstatement, lost pay and damages for retaliation and wrongful firing. He is represented in Santa Fe County Court by Paul Melendres of Albuquerque.

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