Political Committee To Pay Fine, Not Legal Fees

     DENVER (CN) – The Colorado Court of Appeals upheld a $1,000 fine against a pro-business political committee over improper campaign contribution reports, but granted the committee nearly $3,000 in attorney fees on a claim that the Colorado Citizens for Ethics in Government voluntarily dismissed.

     During the November 2006 election cycle, CAD funded television ads opposing Rep. John Kefalas in his bid for re-election to the state House of Representatives. CCEG claimed the political committee failed to itemize reports of its membership contributions and did not identify Kefalas as the target of its ads.
     The court upheld the administrative law judge’s “thorough and well-reasoned decision” that CAD had omitted some of the required paperwork and would have to pay the $1,000 fine. The court also affirmed the attorney-fee award of $2,722 to CAD, because CCEG’s membership contributions claim “was groundless as filed.”

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