ATLANTA (CN) – A Georgia HIV positive man is suing the Atlanta Police Department for refusing to hire him, according to a federal complaint.

     After passing a battery of tests, including a written test, psychological examination, computerized voice stress analysis and background check, the man was told that he also had to have a medical examination. The man, who has been living with HIV, was told his blood would need to be drawn to be tested for illegal narcotics only. At no time was the plaintiff told that he was being tested for the virus, according to the complaint.
     Following the test results, Dr. Alton Greene, also a defendant in the case, met with him and told him that “he would return [the man’s] medical file to the Atlanta Police Department with a statement that: ‘Officer cannot have contact with the public.'” Since the plaintiff’s meeting with the medical doctor, the police department has not contacted the plaintiff nor returned his calls. The plaintiff believes he was secretly tested for the virus at the direction of the police department.
     The City of Atlanta and Caduceus Occupational Medicine are also defendants in this case. The plaintiff is represented by Michael Grider.

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