Police Beating Victim Sues Birmingham

     BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CN) – A man who was beaten while unconscious by five police officers after a high-speed chase has sued the officers, the City of Birmingham and Police Chief A.C. Roper in Federal Court. Anthony Warren claims he fled from a police officer, who never indentified himself, because he was “in fear for his life.”

     During the 22-minute car chase, Warren struck a police officer before being ejected from the car after he crashed. As the Warren lay unconscious in a ditch, the five officers ran toward him and then beat him with their fists, feet and billy clubs.
     The chase and beating were caught on video by a camera in one of the police cruisers. It has been played replayed by media. All five of the police officers have been fired by the City of Birmingham.
     Warren seeks punitive damages and wants the police department to provide adequate training in high speed pursuits and excessive force. He is represented by Wendy B. Crew.

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