Police Accused of Sharing Private Nude Photos

     CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CN) – A police sergeant in Culpeper, Va., found private nude pictures of a woman on her boyfriend’s phone during his arrest and shared them with the police department, Jessie Casella claims in Federal Court. She says the officer’s indiscretion subjected her to humiliation and made her anxious and paranoid.

     “She began to believe that every town police officer and Culpeper deputy sheriff had seen her in a compromising position,” the lawsuit states.
     Casella allegedly sought psychiatric counseling for depression and anxiety.
     She says Sgt. Matt Borders, who found the photos, and Police Chief Scott Barlow were “recklessly and callously indifferent” to her constitutionally protected rights.
     Her lawsuit alleges deliberate indifference, invasion of privacy, outrageous conduct, defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Her attorney is Emmett Robinson of Lake Ridge, Va.

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