Plf Firm Sues Associate Who Started Own Practice

     ST. LOUIS (CN) – A prominent personal injury law firm says a former associate cheated the firm out of perhaps millions of dollars by not reporting all of his clients to the firm and by using the firm’s time and resources to start his own firm.

     John Driscoll practiced law for Brown & Crouppen from Aug. 26, 2003 until his resignation on Nov. 16, 2008, according to the complaint in City Court.
     Brown & Crouppen claims Driscoll violated his employment agreement by failing to record cases in the practice management software system or intake database; using his personal address and cell phone number on pleadings, rather than the firm’s address and phone number; using Brown & Crouppen’s address but not the firm’s name; using his father as a process server; partnering with other lawyers and law firms; and maintaining files outside the firm’s office.
     Brown & Crouppen said it has found 24 cases in which Driscoll failed to adhere to the standards of his employment agreement. Most were prescription drug cases, with Wyeth as the defendant.
     Brown & Crouppen seeks actual damages and $5 million in punitive damages. It is represented by Don Sherman with Goffstein, Raskas, Pomerantz of Clayton.

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