Plaintiff Police Allege Retaliation by LAPD

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A pair of law firms and a police sergeant are seeking a court order to stop the Los Angeles Police Department from allegedly threatening officers who “who dare to become plaintiffs” against the city.

     The Petersen Law Firm and the Law Offices of Herbert Haifif, along with Sergeant Cesar Mata, claimed in a petition filed in Los Angeles Superior Court that the LAPD’s Internal Affairs Department conducts “pretextual” investigations of officers who “dare to become plaintiffs.” The department also allegedly interferes with attorney-client relations and conducts improper discovery by interrogating officers who may file claims for unpaid overtime wages.
     “The LAPD has made it clear … that if officers make such a claim, the LAPD will assert that the officer violated the written overtime policy and discipline the officer,” the suit said. “Thus the officers are threatened and induced to abandon their claims in order not to be subject of furthre IA investigations and processes.”
      Mata is the lead plaintiff in class action against the LAPD for not properly paying for overtime.

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