Photographer Wants Back 7 Marilyn Photos

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Bert Stern says two men have seven stolen photos he took of Marilyn Monroe at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles in 1962. Stern says Michael Weiss and Don Penny have the photos, which are worth $700,000 and which Stern never got back from Eros magazine in 1962.

     Stern says the photos “were not returned from the publishers of Eros Magazine in the autumn of 1962 and now are the subject of a series of intentional, willful transactions … No legal transfer of the photographic images has ever actually occurred, but the defendants continue to retain possession of the images although their return was demanded. Furthermore, there may exist other images that are not known to the plaintiff at this time.”
     Weiss lives in Mt. Kisco, Don Penny in Briarcliff Manor. N.Y.
     Stern demands $700,000 plus punitive damages for “embezzlement.” He is represented in New York County Court by Stephen Weingrad.

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