Photographer Sues Playboy|Executive VP for $3 Million

     CHICAGO (CN) – A photographer and writer demands $3 million from Playboy and its executive vice president Thomas Hagopian. Corri Fetman claims that after she did a photo shoot and was made the subject of a feature story, Hagopian offered her a variety of opportunities, including writing an advice column, to try to entice her into a sexual relationship with him, and retaliated when she resisted.

     Fetman claims that after obnoxious demands that she show her “gratitude” – including offensive groping and asking her how many vibrators she had and if she had a favorite – Hagopian, who is married, killed her column.
     She claims, among other things, that Hagopian told her “that she was an ‘ungrateful bitch’ who was unwilling to show her gratitude by ‘sucking his big cock.'”
     Fetman demands punitive damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraudulent misrepresentation, gender violence, tortious interference and breach of contract. She is represented in Cook County Court by Timothy Ashe.

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