Philly Police Union Decries Do-Not-Call Witness List

PHILADELPHIA (CN) — Accusing Philadelphia’s new subversive district attorney of compiling a secret list of cops he judges problematic, union officials demanded court intervention Wednesday to prevent reputational harm.

In its lawsuit, which was filed in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas with help from Willig Williams attorneys, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 says that District Attorney Larry Krasner has been combing through police personnel files for months following the disclosure of an earlier list prepared by Krasner’s predecessor.

While the so-called “Do Not Call List” compiled by former District Attorney Seth Williams included 66 names, Philadelphia’s police officers’ union says Krasner’s list will be bigger.

Officers are afforded the chance to challenge the accuracy of information that may get them on a list, according to the complaint, but what they lack is a mechanism to ensure that no mix-up occurs in the first place.

“Once placed on District Attorney Krasner’s ‘Do Not Call List,’” the union says a police officer is relegated to restrictive-duty status, which in turn leads to a reduction in wages and other harms.

“The creation of a ‘do not call list’ and the disclosure of the names on that list or the information supporting inclusion on that list constitutes a deprivation of the fundamental right to reputation protected by the Pennsylvania Constitution,” the complaint states.

Former DA Williams had only had his list for over a year, according to the complaint, when a judge ordered it released.

The union says Williams created the list as part of the Police Misconduct Review Committee to ensure that prosecutors do not call certain officers to testify at trial

Neither Willig Williams, the union or the city of Philadelphia have returned voicemails or emails seeking comment.

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