Philly Cops Say Brass|Conspired Against Them

     PHILADELPHIA (CN) – Two police officers claim in court that supervisors retaliated for their truthful reports that a high-ranking officer manipulated paperwork to make it appear that a backlog of weapons waiting to be identified by forensics workers had been reduced.
     Andrew Little and Leonard Logan sued the City of Philadelphia and eight individuals, including Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, in Federal Court. They claim that weapons waiting to be identified by the Police Department’s Firearms Identification Unit were “mass shipped” to another unit, and paperwork was “fabricated” after administrators determined that the number of weapons waiting to be identified had grown too large.
     As a result, they say, “potential guns used in crimes were not discovered and the crimes could not be prosecuted or cleared, because the evidence to clear and prosecute the crime was lost forever.”
     Little and Logan claim they were punished with pretextual disciplinary charges to retaliate for their reporting the manipulation to the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
     Little and Logan say the retaliation caused “extreme emotional distress,” and that they suffered “weight loss and gains, eye twitching, and upset stomachs.”
     They seek costs and damages for conspiracy and civil rights violations.
     They are represented by Brian Puricelli, of Newtown, Pa.

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