Perry Mason Aces Bar Exam!

It’s been a rough year and I know a lot of you are bored, depressed and/or angry. So I’ve created a little something different for you this week to take your mind off things for just a bit: a sort-of legal-themed crossword.

Before we get to that, though, I have to do this:

Perry Mason, episode 5.  Some of you may be thinking that I’m obsessed by this series. You are correct. The HBO version of Perry Mason is both incredibly dumb and extremely entertaining.  Delightful surprise follows delightful surprise.

This episode features the sudden out-of-nowhere appearance of Hamilton Burger (yes, his name is Ham Burger). In the original TV series, he’s the prosecutor who loses almost every case but still keeps his job. In the new series, his job is even more amazing – he’s there to teach Perry how to pass a bar exam in just two weeks even though Perry hasn’t gone to law school or done any legal work that we know of.

Two weeks later, Perry has aced the exam and is being sworn in as a member of the Bar. You can see why Perry has such an outstanding legal career ahead of him.

In season two of the series, I’m looking forward to Perry getting his license to practice medicine.

The crossword. To print out a pdf version of the puzzle, click here. You can find the answers here.

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