‘PedEgg’ TV Ad Is Bogus, Models Say

     MIAMI (CN) – Two professional foot models claims the company that sells the “PedEgg” foot care product doctored their feet with “horror make-up” before shooting a before-and-after TV commercial, then showed their faces, in violation of contract, in an embarrassingly bad commercial, also in violation of contract.

     The models, Kelly Parks-Corso and Jonathan Corso, sued International Edge, which makes the PedEgg; PB and J Partners, which filmed the commercial, and its president, Peter Aranow; and Karen Bussell, a PB&J talent scout who recruited them.
     The Corsos claim they were told that only their hands and feet would be shown, and that the commercial would air only on an Internet “infomercial.”
     They claim, “At the location of the shoot, Plaintiffs were first told that their feet would be doctored with ‘horror’ makeup up – artificial bumps and discoloration – in order to make a ‘before’ shot for comparison in a ‘before-and-after’ scheme.”
     They also claim they were forced to sign a document they did not understand, and which the defendants will not show them now.
     “The next thing plaintiffs knew, they saw themselves on television in a commercial advertisement for the PedEgg and were shocked, not only by the fact that they were not contacted to discuss or agree to the commercial’s being aired, but also by the cheap, low quality of the commercial itself, and the negative light that it portrayed plaintiffs.” (Sic).
     When their agent protested, the Corsos say, Aranow said “that the commercial was undergoing a test run in a limited geographic area for 3 weeks.”
     Actually, the Corsos say, the commercial has been broadcast “all over the world” without their permission.
     “Plaintiffs then received many telephone calls from friends around the world saying things such as: ‘I can’t believe that you took that job!'”
     They claim the deceitful commercial has hurt their reputations in the modeling industry, that they never agreed to appear in it, and they were not fairly paid for it.
     The PedEgg is used to buff or scrape corns and other foot protuberances.
     The Corsos demand damaged for unauthorized publication of their likenesses, and conspiracy to defraud. They are represented in Miami-Dade County Court by Jonathan David of Miami.

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