Patent & Trademark

     Johnson Health Tech Co. claims Icon Health & Fitness’ “Nordic Track” machines violate patent, in Madison, Wisc., Federal Court.
     Memory Control Enterprise claims Symantec Corp. violates its “Spam Detector Defeating System” patent, in Chicago Federal Court.

     Paraben Corp. claims Identity Stronghold violates its “Stronghold” trademark for a metal-based fabric for a market bag that blocks electronic transmissions, in Salt Lake Federal Court.
     Illinois Computer Research claims Harpo Productions and Sony violate its patent on “enhancing touch and feel on the Internet” for reviewing excerpts from a digital book, in Chicago Federal Court.
     21 srl claims Apple, CDW Corp., OfficeMax, and Walgreen violate its patented “Dynamic Taxonomy Process for Browsing and Retrieving Information in Large Heterogeneous Data Bases,” in Chicago Federal Court.

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