Patent & Trademark

     Mitchell Prust claims Apple violates three of his patents on computer storage systems, in Marshall, Texas, Federal Court.

     Hutchinson Industries claims Accuride violates its patent on an “automotive wheel with improved inflation system,” in Trenton, N.J., Federal Court.
     Carl Zeiss Vision says Signet Armorlite violates patent on a “spectacle lens with spherical front side and multifocal backside, and process for its production,” in San Diego Federal Court.
     Data Network Storage says Fujitsu, IBM, Sun Microsystems and others violate its patent on a “universal storage management system,” in San Diego Federal Court.
     Here are the defendants: Aberdeen LLC, Adaptec, American Megatrends, Buffalo Technology, Compellent Technologies, Digilink Technology, D-Link Systems, Excel Meridian Data, Fujitsu Computer Systems, Fujitsu It Holdings, International Business Machines, Netgear, Nimbus Data Systems, Sun Microsystems, and Wasabi Systems.

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