Patent & Trademark

     Research in Motion claims Motorola is violating nine patents on cellular handsets, and demanding exorbitant royalties for its own patents, in Dallas Federal Court. And  in Marshall, Texas, Federal Court that Research in Motion is violating Motorola patents in its BlackBerries.

     Advanced Micro Devices and its subsidiary ATI Technologies claim Samsung violates their patents on semiconductor design and manufacture, in San Francisco Federal Court.
     Nuance Communications claims Abbyy Software House, of Russia, and Lexmark violate five patents on optical recognition software, in Los Angeles Federal Court.
     Guardian Media Technologies claims Hitachi violates its patented “automatic censorship of video programs,” aka “V-chip” technology, in Los Angeles Federal Court.
     Southwest Airlines claims these defendants are luring customers to their Web sites with spam emails featuring counterfeit trademarks: ConsumerBargainGiveaways LLC dba, and DirectGiftCardPromotions LLC dba, in Dallas Federal Court.
     Microsoft claims and whoever operates it ran a phishing scam to get Xbox Live users’ names and passwords, in Seattle Federal Court.

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