Patent & Trademark

     TimeGate Studios of Sugar Land, Texas, which develops computer games, claims TimeFly Studios of Glendale, Ariz., chose a name confusingly similar to the TimeGate trademark, in Houston Federal Court.

     Oracle’s TopLink product, and other products, violates Software Tree’s software patent, Software claims in Tyler, Texas, Federal Court.
     Playtex Products claims Procter & Gamble violated its patented “Tampon applicator” invention, in Manhattan Federal Court.
     The Professional Photographers of America claims RangeFinder Publishing Co. violates its trademarks, “Imaging USA” and “Imagine Expo,” in Los Angeles Federal Court.
     Cyberdyne Systems claims Telephonics Vending violated copyright on its software for a phone card video game machine, in Austin Federal Court.
     CRS LLC claims Reflexive Entertainment violates its patented method of buying online electronic games and products, in Delaware Federal Court.

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