Patent & Trademark

     Gillette and Procter & Gamble falsely claim patent protection for hundreds of items whose patents have expired, a man claims in a 218-page, 683-count complaint in Marshall, Texas Federal Court.

     Bank of America sued U.S. Capital and Trust in Minneapolis Federal Court, claiming BofA owns the trademarks “United States Trust” and “U.S. Trust.”
     Dish Network fka EchoStar Communications insists its digital video recorder does not violate TiVo’s patent on a “Multimedia Time Warping System,” in Delaware Federal Court.
     Radar Industries claims Cleveland Die and Manufacturing Co. violated patent on its clevis link, in Detroit Federal Court.
     Featherlite claims in Minneapolis Federal Court that Jayco violated trademark by using the word “feather” in an ad. Both companies make trailers.

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