Patent & Trademark

     New Balance swiped proprietary information and violated a patent on an orthotic for running shoes, Hackerson-Halberstadt and Standon LLC claim in New Orleans Federal Court.

     Disney Enterprises demands more than $1 million for each “counterfeit good or service” – i.e., Disney characters – the Kool Klown Party people used to entertain children with, in Ocala, Fla., Federal Court.
     Digital Security Systems Corp. claims Samsung, Best Buy, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sharp, Phillips and others violate its patented technology for Blu-Ray disc players, in Marshall, Texas, Federal Court.
     In separate lawsuits in San Jose Federal Court, Technology Licensing Co. claims Radio Shack, jWIN Electronics, and Initial Technology violate its patents, and it claims America Action does too, in San Francisco Federal Court.

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