Patent & Trademark

     3Com, Acer, Dell, Sony, Hewlett-Packard and dozens of others violate patent on a “Wireless Alarm System,” NorthPeak Wireless claims in Huntsville, Ala., Federal Court.

     Here are the defendants in the NorthPeak Wireless case: 3Com Corp., Acer America, ASUS Computer International, Belkin International Incuffalo Technology (USA), Dell, D-Link Systems, Epson America, Fujitsu Computer Systems, Gateway Incewlett-Packard, Iogear, MSI Computer, Netgear, Rosewill, Sandisk, SEH Technology, SMC Networks, SonicWall, Sony Corporation of America, Sony Electronics, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Toshiba America, Toshiba America Information Systems, Trendnet Systems, Trendware International, U.S. Robotics, Viewsonic, Watchguard Technologies, Zonet USA, and Zyxel Communications.

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