Acer, Dell, Gateway, and Lenovo violate seven patents on personal computers, St. Clair Intellectual Property claims in Delaware Federal Court.

     CMC Magnetics Corp. claims Victor Co. of Japan violates its patent on CD/DVD drives, in Marshall, Texas, Federal Court.

     Gregory Bender claims LG Electronics, NEC Corp., Pioneer, and Sharp Electronics violate his patent on a buffered transconductance amplifier, in San Francisco Federal Court. He filed a separate complaint on the same invention against Infineon, NXP Semiconductors and Silicon Laboratories, in San Jose Federal Court.
     Advanced Video Technologies claims Audiovox violates patent on a “full duplex single chip video codec” in digital camcorders, in Manhattan Federal Court.
     Liveperson Inc. claims violates its patent on a “real-time chat platform,” in Manhattan Federal Court.

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