Passengers Accuse Asiana of Gross Negligence

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Asiana Airlines pilots could not perform the most basic tasks before the plane crash that killed three people, an injured mother and son claim in court.
     Hector Machorro Jr., his wife Younga Jun Machorro and son Benjamin Hyo-Ik Machorro sued Asiana Airlines in Federal Court.
     Younga and Benjamin were both severely injured on the July 6 flight to San Francisco from South Korea, according to the complaint.
     “The Asiana crash occurred due to gross negligence and recklessness of the Asiana flight crew on Flight 214, in woeful violation of numerous international and United States airline industry standards and established flight rules,” the complaint states. “Among an extensive litany of errors and omissions, the Flight 214 flight crew failed to observe the most fundamental procedures for a visual landing approach into SFO, failed to appropriately monitor flight conditions on approach, and failed to communicate and reach in the cockpit to those flight conditions. Moreover, the flight crew of Flight 214 was inadequately trained and supervised by Asiana and failed to comply with the most rudimentary cockpit resource management protocols.”
     Errors by a pilot with little experience flying the Boeing 777-200 have been widely reported as the reason for the crash.
     The Machorros seek $5 million in damages for gross negligence.
     They are represented by Michael P. Verna of Bowles & Verna in Walnut Creek.

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