Passenger HOS Rules Are Not for Bus Deliveries

     WASHINGTON (CN) – A commercial driver delivering a passenger-carrying motor vehicle, such as a bus, abides by the property-carrier hours-of-service rules, according to a rule clarification.
     The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has provided this guidance because the terms “property-carrying” and “passenger-carrying” are not defined in the hours-of-service rules.
     The property-carrier hours-of-service rules apply when an empty commercial passenger-carrying vehicle “with one or more sets of wheels on the surface of the roadway is being transported: (1) Between vehicle manufacturer’s facilities; (2) between a vehicle manufacturer and a dealership or purchaser; (3) between a dealership, or other entity selling or leasing the vehicle, and a purchaser or lessee; (4) to a motor carrier’s terminal or repair facility for the repair of disabling damage following a crash; (5) to a motor carrier’s terminal or repair facility for repairs associated with the failure of a vehicle component or system; or (6) by means of a saddle-mount or tow-bar,” according to the clarification.
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