Party but No Thrash for Group-Home Escapees

BERLIN (AP) — The story making social media rounds of two elderly men escaping their retirement home to attend Germany’s largest heavy metal festival seemed too good to be true. And, alas, it was.

An audience stands in front of the main stage of the heavy metal festival in Sacken, northern Germany, on Aug. 4, 2018. (Daniel Reinhardt/dpa via AP)

Itzehoe police spokesman Peter Berndt said Tuesday the two men were actually 58 and 59 and left a home for people with mental health issues to party Friday night in the town of Wacken, near the eponymous festival.

Festival-goers called police after finding the two “helpless, disoriented and intoxicated” waiting for a bus home at a main street stop after the buses had stopped running at 3 a.m. Saturday.

Police brought them to a first-aid station and then later in the morning sent them home in a taxi arranged by the care home about 20 miles away.

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