Parents Sue School for Gay Son’s Beating

SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) – Parents claim in court that a teacher at Los Alamitos High School “published” a video in her class of their gay son being viciously beaten in front of hundreds of students.
     The guardian ad litem of N.S. sued Los Alamitos Unified School District on Jan. 21 in Orange County Court.
     According to the lawsuit, “hundreds of students were waiting” for N.S., then 15, to walk out of his English class on Dec. 10, 2013. The students were waiting “in anticipation of students attacking (N.S.) because of his sexual orientation,” the complaint states.
     The lawsuit then names a nondefendant student, who allegedly “viciously beat (N.S.) in the presence of hundreds of students.”
     Other students filmed the beating and posted it on the Internet.
     According to the lawsuit: “Shockingly, one teacher employed by Los Alamitos Unified School District published the video in her class, humiliating plaintiff. Thereafter, a school psychologist verbally abused plaintiff and blamed him for the beating.”
     The school district rejected a claim for damages. The family seeks damages for negligence, medical and legal expenses, personal injuries and negligent supervision.
     The are represented by Robin Perry, of Long Beach.

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