Parents Sue Salinas for Police Killing

     SAN JOSE (CN) – Salinas police officers with a history of gunplay shot a man 10 times after Tasing him, and the police chief had no problem with that, the man’s parents claim in court.
     The late Osman Hernandez, who spoke only Spanish, was shot to death on May 9 near Mi Pueblo shopping center in Salinas, his parents claim in Federal Court.
     They say the three Doe officers used excessive and unreasonable force in killing their son, but defendant Police Chief Kelly McMillin cleared them to return to duty in a week, without a “proper investigation.”
     McMillin acknowledged that one of the Doe officers had been involved in three previous shootings, and another one in two shooting, according to Hernandez’s parents, who are from El Salvador.
     “The police chief indicated that many of the immigrant workers have lettuce knives that ‘they carry as a tool,'” according to the complaint. Yet all three Doe officers had bulletproof vests, and a police dog, the parents say.
     The parents, Alberto Lainez and Lidia Guardado Mejia, seek burial expenses and punitive damages for wrongful death, assault and battery, gross negligence, civil rights violations and other charges. They also want an injunction ordering the defendant city and police chief to improve police training.
     They are represented by Aimee Kirby with The Dolan Law Firm, of San Francisco.

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