Parents Sue Over Injury at Homecoming

     (CN) – The parents of a varsity cheerleader seriously injured after being told to sit on the edge of a trailer during a homecoming parade are suing her school and teachers for negligence.
     In a complaint filed in Chatham County, Georgia, John and Michelle Fortner say that prior to the start of Richmond Hill High School’s homecoming parade in October 2015, varsity cheerleading coach Brittnee Coffman directed their daughter Jayden to ride on a trailer being pulled by a Dodge Ram truck and dangle her legs over the side.
     While riding as instructed, the cheerleader’s parents say, Jayden Fortner’s right foot got wedged under the back tire of the trailer, and remained stuck as the vehicle travelled another 20 to 30 feet.
     Also riding in the truck were defendants Coffman; assistant principal Cari Delatorre; junior varsity cheerleading coach Michael Riccio; and high school teacher Whitney Pellisier, none of whom noticed the girl’s distress, the complaint says.
     The Fortners are seeking compensatory damages of medical bills, physical pain, and emotional suffering.
     Lloyd Murray, Sr. of Richmond Hill represents the plaintiffs and did not return Courthouse News’ call for comment.
     A Richmond Hill High School representative told Courthouse News, “We’re advised not to speak about legal matters right now.”

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