Parents Sue Drugmaker for ‘Roid Rage Death

     MARSHALL, Texas (CN) – Parents say a man shot their daughter to death in his home, then killed himself, in a fit of “‘roid rage” brought on by taking illegal anabolic steroids and human growth hormone. The parents of Amana Jo Earhart-Savell sued Lei Jin and GeneScience Pharmaceutical, both of Shanghai.

     Lei Jin is a Chinese citizen and a legal permanent resident of the United States who sometimes lives in Madison, Wisc., Gary and Kathy Earhart say in their federal complaint.
     The Earharts say that David Jacobs intentionally killed their daughter in his Plano home on June 5, 2008, then killed himself, as a result of the steroids and human growth hormones he was taking.
“David Jacobs had previously been indicted and plead[ed] guilty to conspiring to sell anabolic steroids,” according to the complaint. “Defendants knew the dangerous nature of the products they were selling unlawfully and knew that its products could and would cause harm to others, including but not limited to causing explosive rage in individuals using their products. Defendants were motivated entirely by greed and acted in conscious indifference to the rights, health and safety of others.”
The complaint adds: “GeneScience was engaged in the business of manufacturing, marketing, exporting, and distributing human Growth Hormone (hGH) under the brand name GenLei Jintropin (hereinafter Jintropin) as well as anabolic steroids. GeneScience utilized the internet and various intermediaries to export Jintropin and steroids into the United States and other countries throughout the world.” (Parentheses as in complaint.)
The parents seek damages for wrongful death, loss of consortium and other charges, and want the defendants enjoined from selling their stuff. They are represented by David Schiller of Plano.

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