Parents Say Trailer Park Killed Boy by Putting Live Wire Into Pond to Discourage Beavers

     DENVER (CN) – Operators of a trailer park electrocuted a 16-year-old boy and critically injured another one by putting a live wire into a pond on its golf course to kill beavers, the boys’ parents claim in Denver County Court. One boy died in the pond trying to rescue his suffering dog, and his friend was injured, the parents say.

     Jon and Loretta Raftshol sued the Roadside Trailer Park, of Granby, Colo., a trailer park with accompanying golf course. The Raftshols say the park owners and operators knew or should have known that the bridge was used by people of all ages, and children, who liked to wade in the pond to recover golf balls. They say their only child, Ian, jumped into the pond to rescue his obviously suffering dog, and was killed on June 19, 2006.
     They claim defendant Rue Haddock, a manager, supervisor and employee of the defendant owners, Pasqual and Ann Marie Joy, “had placed a live 100 volt bare copper wire capable of transmitting 120 volts into the water near the bridge … to kill beavers.”
     Parents of Collin Woronovitch, 16, say he was critically wounded trying to help his friend, Ian, but a passing good Samaritan was able to drag the unconscious boy to safety.
     Both plaintiffs are represented by Stephen Cook with Cook & Jeffress of Boulder.
     (Page 3 is missing from the Raftshols’ complaint. Courthouse News will repost the link to the complete case as soon as it becomes available.)

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