Paraplegic Stunt Driver Sues Live Nation

     MIAMI (CN) – A stunt driver says he broke his back and must live as a paraplegic in constant pain because Live Nation Motor Sports failed to sweep gravel from the approach to the ramp for a “thrill act” he did at Dolphin Stadium. Mark Hagler says he was trying “to break the world record for spiraling the car in the air”.

     Hagler claims that Live Nation wants to “become the nation’s largest producer of live motor sports events due to their potential for generating revenues and profits for Live Nations.” His specialty was driving fast up a ramp, spiraling his car in the air while fireworks exploded from it, and landing, right-side up, on other cars, which cushioned his fall.
     He says Live Nation’s job was to ensure that the approach to the ramp was clear so he could build up enough speed and traction for the stunt. He says the company neglected to do that on Feb. 17, 2007, and his loss of traction on loose gravel caused the stunt to fail catastrophically. He demands punitive damages. He and his wife are represented in Miami-Dade County Court by J. Cheney Mason of Orlando.

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