Paralegal Says Boss’ Sex Exploits Are ‘Lore’

     HOUSTON (CN) – “(Richard) Laminack was and remains a sexual predator,” the attorney’s former paralegal claims in Harris County Court, explaining that Laminack is known for his legendary trysts and voracious sexual appetite.

     Angela Robinson says her boss routinely demanded sexual favors, seduced male and female employees, once offered her $15,000 to jet to Vegas with him and split a hotel room, and suggested that Robinson perform oral sex on an expert witness in order to put him in a better mood for testifying.
     “The hostile work environment produced by Laminack’s voracity was of such intensity and duration that it actually became, and probably remains, somewhat of a tradition at both (Laminack’s) law firms,” Robinson claims. “Laminack’s trysts are well known and an established part of both firm’s ‘lore.'”
     Robinson worked for Laminack at O’Quinn, Laminack & Pirtle, and later at Laminack, Pirtle & Martines. She claims she noticed that firm employees were receiving kickbacks for ordering bogus medical records for clients in Fen-phen cases, and billing clients for the nonexistent files.
     When she approached Laminack about the scheme, he allegedly told her to be quiet and go along with it. He then abruptly fired her without explanation, despite having told her repeatedly that she was “the best paralegal the firm had ever had,” the lawsuit claims.
     Robinson says she was fired because she refused to submit to his “battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress,” and because she tried to blow the whistle on the scheme to defraud thousands of Fen-phen litigants.
     She claims she is entitled to at least $55,000 plus legal costs. She is represented by McKinney & Cooper.

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