Paparazzo Sues Lamar Odom

     (CN) – Lamar Odom smashed a paparazzo’s camera after the celebrity hound asked the NBA star if he had cheated on his wife, Khloe Kardashian, Stefan Saad claims in court.
     In his lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court, Saad claims he approached Odom on July 10 as the L.A. Clipper sat in a park car. Odom rolled down his window.
     Saad says he asked whether it was true that Odom had cheated on his wife “with a stripper named ‘Jen.'”
     He claims Odom responded by telling him to turn his camera off.
     “Mr. Odom then exited his vehicle and retrieved a large metal rod,” Saad says in the complaint. He claims Odom whacked a car with the rod, then trespassed into his car to take his camera and other equipment. Saad says this made him suffer “fear for his safety, and anxiety.”
     Odom then smashed the camera equipment onto the ground, Saad says.
     “The sight of Mr. Odom seizing the tools of his trade and then smashing them caused Mr. Saad fear and anxiety,” according to the complaint.
     Saad claims he suffered more fear and anxiety when Odom approached him, still carrying the metal rod, and stopped him from gathering up his smashed camera. He says Odom took the stuff and put it into the trunk of his own car.
     “At this point, Mr. Saad began to plead for the return of his property,” the complaint states. “Lamar Odom stated that he would only give Mr. Saad’s property back if he destroyed the film Mr. Saad was taking of the incident herein alleged. Mr. Saad refused, in part because the film documented evidence of Mr. Odom’s unlawful activity. Mr. Saad also argued to Mr. Odom that several other photographers (over whom Mr. Saad had no control) were filming Mr. Odom’s unlawful activity, so requiring Mr. Saad to destroy the evidence would be of no value to Mr. Odom.
     “In the middle of this entire exchange, Lamar Odom did allow for some positive buzz to be generated. Almost comically, he smiled and allowed a fan to photograph her with him. In light of this, Mr. Odom’s actions toward Mr. Saad cannot be interpreted as a uncontrolled [sic], unchecked frenzy, but a calculated and deliberate attempt to intimidate and silence Mr. Saad and anyone who would ask him questions about (apparently truthful) allegations that he cheated on his famous wife and reality show co-star Khloe Kardashian.” (Parentheses, but not brackets, in complaint.)
     Saad claims Odom drove away, smashed camera equipment still in his trunk. He says he followed in his own car, “and pleaded at various points for Mr. Odom to return his property to him. Ultimately, Lamar Odom pulled over his automobile and again smashed Mr. Saad’s equipment against the ground, leaving what remained for Mr. Saad to retrieve.”
     Saad’s lawsuit continues: “Lamar Odom’s actions destroyed the tools of Mr. Saad’s trade. Not only did Mr. Odom destroy over $15,000 worth of camera equipment, he denied Mr. Saad the opportunity to continue in his occupation using all of his tools of the trade. The camera equipment smashed by Mr. Odom was badly damaged and cannot be repaired adequately such that it will meet the requirements for reliability Mr. Saad has as a professional photographer.”
     Saad claims the “assault” gave him “severe emotional distress in the form of panic attacks and the onset of panic disorder.”
     He seeks compensatory damages of no less than $500,000 for assault, conversion and trespass to chattels, and punitive damages.
     The 11-page lawsuit contains several pages of unflattering descriptions of Odom and his wife. Saad claims, inter alia, that “it is widely understood that he [Odom] is nearing the end of his athletic career,” and that “he would like to continue earning an income though [sic] the array of commercial enterprises in which the Kardashian clan engages. These enterprises are ultimately built on media notoriety and paparazzi coverage.”
     Saad is represented by Justin Sobodash, of West Hollywood.

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