Palm Swiped Phone Software, Artifex Says

(CN) – Forced to respond to the success of the iPhone, Palm released its Pre “smartphone” in June, but to enable its phone to open up pdf files it swiped copyrighted software from a small company, Artifex Software claims in San Francisco Federal Court.

     Artifex, which describes itself as “a small software developer,” says it is “a victim of Palm’s corporate policy to cut corners and misappropriate that which others worked long and hard to build.”
     Months before Palm released the Pre, Artifex claims that it asked Palm if it was interested in licensing Artifex’s MuPDF software, which opens pdf files, “an important step beyond many competing smartphones. Palm acknowledged that there was ‘obviously value in MuPDF.’ However, Palm declined to license MuPDf from Artifex. Despite not having a license, Palm used, and continues to use, MuPDF in every Pre shipped by Palm, but it did so without authorization and without paying Artifex and royalty.”
     Artifex claims that “Palm, an enormous company with vast resources, wrongfully and surreptitiously relied on the labor and painstaking dedication of Artifex to build its product.”
     Artifex demands an accounting, profits and damages for the infringement, and delivery or destruction of all the infringing devices.
     Artifex is represented by Darin Snyder with O’Melveny & Myers.

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