Palestinian Authority Accused of Torture

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Palestinian National Authority agents kidnapped a man and tortured him for more than 3 months until he confessed to a crime he did not commit, the man claims in Federal Court. Ali Mahmud Ali Shafi claims he was abducted on the West Bank on Sept. 21, 2001.

     Shafi says he was repeatedly beaten, kicked, and whipped under interrogation, for more than 3 months, on false suspicions of being a spy for Israel. He claims that after the Red Cross finally visited them, and he told its representatives about his torture, he was tortured again, for “several more weeks.” He says he escaped when his abductors ran away as Israeli troops entered Qalqilya.
     Shafi is represented by Robert Tolchin with Jaroslawicz & Jaros of New York, N.Y.

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