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Texas lawmakers detail chaos in botched police response to Uvalde school shooting

Even with district policy in place for responding to active shooters, the bad Wi-Fi signal on campus delayed distribution of the principal’s lockdown alert to teachers.

Biden urges Congress to pass gun control bill

The president called on lawmakers to reach a deal on gun control in the wake of recent mass shootings.

Probing Uvalde massacre, Texas state senators apprised of psychiatrist shortage

Texas has allocated $8 billion for behavioral and mental health services, yet doctors say it does not have the workforce to meet childrens' growing needs.

Teachers Object to Sex Toy Parties

SAN ANTONIO (CN) – A charter school fired three teachers for objecting to “sex toy parties” on school grounds, and promoted one of the partiers to superintendent, the teachers say. They sued the Community Council of Southwest Texas, operator of the Gabriel Tafolla Academy Charter School, in Bexar County Court. Deanna Allen, Janice Mireles and

House lawmakers debate gun control bill as mass shootings rage on

The highly partisan hearing came mere hours after a shooting at a medical office in Tulsa, Oklahoma; another shooting took place in Wisconsin as lawmakers debated gun control.

Top 8 today

Top eight stories for today including Apple lost to Swiss watchmaker Swatch in a court fight over its use of the “Think Different” slogan; The Supreme Court reined in civil liability against federal officers in a 6-3 decision; The families of four Robb Elementary School students injured in the Uvalde massacre sued the gunman’s estate, and more.

Texas GOP convention boos Senator Cornyn for proposing gun control

Cornyn insisted his proposed firearm sales reform is modest, but this did little to quiet the zealously conservative crowd.

Senate passes gun safety bill in wake of mass shootings

The House is expected to pass the legislation Friday, fast-tracking the bill to soon become law.

Top 8 today

Top eight stories for today including the U.S. economy added 263,000 jobs while the unemployment rate fell to 3.5%; The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to human rights activists in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine; Uvalde’s school district suspended its police force over their mass shooting response, and more.

Top 8 today

Top eight stories for today including the Supreme Court ruled Maine violated the U.S. Constitution by stopping taxpayer money from funding religious schools; A Texas Senate committee heard testimony on ways to prevent mass shootings; The EU’s high court restricted how countries can use data collected from airline passengers, and more.

Garland urges Congress to pass gun safety laws

The attorney general's call to action comes after 19 students and two teachers were killed in a mass shooting at a Texas elementary school three weeks ago.

Dems put rush order on Biden’s ATF pick in wake of Texas shooting

The federal gun enforcement agency has not had a permanent director since 2015.

Texas shooting records could be blocked by legal loophole

Lawyers and advocates for the victim's families are beginning to fear authorities will close the case and rely on the exception to the Texas Public Information law to block the release of any further information.

At least 19 kids dead in shooting at Texas elementary school

It was the 212th mass shooting in the United States this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

Axon halts plans for Taser drone as 9 on ethics board resign

The board issued a rare public rebuke of the project, saying it was a dangerous idea that went far beyond the initial proposal the board had reviewed for a Taser-equipped police drone.

Sandy Hook anniversary: Biden cites ‘societal guilt’ on guns

Biden was vice president at the time of the shooting and was tapped by then-President Barack Obama to lead an ill-fated effort to tighten gun laws.

Ohio governor signs bill making it easier for teachers to carry guns  

The legislation reduces the amount of training teachers and staff must undergo to carry firearms in schools, though it allows local school boards to implement stricter rules.

Top 8 today

Top eight stories for today including wildfires, drought and extreme heat are combining to turn many parts of Europe into a summer inferno; Uber agreed to compensate thousands of disabled riders who were penalized for keeping drivers waiting longer than two minutes; A new report digs into what delayed officers from confronting the Uvalde gunman, and more.

Top 8 today

Top eight stories for today including Russian forces are making advances in the Donbas region as Ukrainian troops fight to hold onto key cities; Texas Governor Greg Abbott blamed a mental health crisis for the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde; President Biden’s nominee to champion the enforcement of U.S. gun laws faced a tense confirmation hearing, and more.

Maker of ‘Ghost Gunner’ machine sues California over new restrictions

A Texas provider of milling machines to make guns said a new California law that criminalizes the use of its equipment violates the Second Amendment.