Owner Demands $1.2 Million For Klimt Art

     MANHATTAN (CN) – The owner of a Gustav Klimt drawing, “Fischblut,” sued an art gallery that allegedly backed out of a deal to buy it for $1.2 million, and the storage facility that is holding it and won’t give it back.

     Maggie Wachter claims Quatrochi Art Agents agreed to buy “Fischblut,” also known as “Apathy,” for $1.2 million in April 2007, and promised to pay within 90 days.
     She says she delivered it to co-defendant Day & Meyer, Murray & Young. Wachter says Quatrochi backed out of the deal, and now Day & Meyer refuses to return the painting.
     She wants Quatrochi ordered to buy the work for $1.2 million, or to pay her $1.2 million in damages. She is represented in Federal Court by Timothy McInnis.

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