Outrageous Harassment Alleged in Indiana

     INDIANAPOLIS (CN) – A high school custodian says she was fired after reporting her supervisor’s sexual harassment, which included masturbating in her presence and chasing her with his penis exposed, shouting, “You know you want it.”

     For more than a year, Catrina Russell says, she put up with Curtis Smith’s “sexually perverse” comments and requests for dates.
     She claims that after Smith arranged their schedules so the two of them would be working alone, she arrived to work to find Smith with his pants pulled down.
     “Smith was masturbating,” according to the federal complaint. “Smith then walked toward Russell with his exposed penis. Russell retreated and ran out of the room. Smith chased Russell and told her that he ‘knew she wanted it.’ Realizing that Russell would not succumb to Smith’s sexual overtures, Smith threatened Russell with her job if she reported it. Smith also threatened Russell with bodily harm.”
     She says she complained, but the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township took no steps to protect, but fired her on a pretext.
     Russell seeks reinstatement, lost wages and benefits and punitive damages for harassment and retaliation.
     Russell is represented by John Haskin with Haskin & LaRue.

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