DALLAS (CN) – A man who sought “near full body” laser hair removal sued the technician who performed it, claiming he suffered a punctured eardrum and that skin on his chest “bubbled up” after she cranked up the power on the laser.
     Jeff Ayub sued Amber Roberts, an employee of the Cosmetic Procedures Clinic, of North Dallas, in Dallas County Court.
     Ayub says that in June 2010 he “underwent a near full body laser removal that included his ears, face, chest, stomach, back, arms, hands, feet and buttocks.”
     He claims that Roberts, “without performing any sort of patch test to determine Mr. Ayub’s sensitivity, increased the setting on the laser in order to ‘remove more hair.'”
     The complaint continues: “Mr. Ayub could smell burning skin and immediately began experiencing intense pain and excessive heat. Mr. Ayub even noticed, to his surprise and horror that the skin on his chest began to ‘bubble up’ during the treatment. The technician explained that this was normal and continued with the treatment. Mr. Ayub, trusting that the technician knew what she was doing, allowed the incredibly painful treatment to continue. The pain from the procedure persisted for days, prompting Mr. Ayub to visit a doctor, who diagnosed him with first and second degree burns on his ears, chest, stomach, back, hands, feet, arms and legs as well as a ruptured eardrum.”
     Ayub seeks actual and punitive damages for negligence, gross negligence and assault. He is represented by Ryan Zehl, with Fitts Zehl, of Houston.

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