Ore. Judge in Hot Water Over Courthouse Hitler Picture

     BEAVERTON, Ore. (CN) – Marion County Judge Vance Day hung a picture of Adolf Hitler in the courthouse and refused to marry same-sex couples, according to a complaint filed by the Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability.
     In his answer to the complaint, admitted to hanging a painting of Adolf Hitler in the Marion County Courthouse.
     He claimed the painting was one of three pictures meant to “honor the service of a local medical doctor, Kenneth Vollmar” and “emphasize how a liberal democracy overcame the scourge of fascism.”
     Day also admitted to asking his assistant to screen wedding applicants and assign other judges to preside over same-sex marriages instead of scheduling him, according to the answer.
     Day denied that request violated the Code of Judicial conduct.
     Hanging pictures of Hitler and refusing to perform same-sex marriages are just two of the accusations against Day.
     The commission claims he also lied during its investigation of unrelated complaints against him, falsely claimed that he didn’t know that a veteran in his court had a felony conviction against him and allowed that veteran to own guns despite lacking the authority to waive legal prohibitions against the ownership of guns by felons.
     Commission executive director Susan D. Isaacs was unavailable for comment.
     The commission announced a hearing for Nov. 9 to determine whether Day violated the Code of Judicial Conduct. At the end of the hearing, the commission will either recommend sanctions against Day or dismiss the complaint.
     Based on the commission’s recommendation after the hearing, the Oregon Supreme Court will ultimately decide the matter.

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