Oral Arguments

     The latest oral arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court include whether Indiana’s voter ID law and the three-drug method of lethal injection are constitutional. Click headline for more.

     IMMIGRATION – Dada v. Mukasey – Question presented: Do immigrants abandon their motions to reopen their removal cases when they voluntarily leave the country?      
     ELECTIONS – Crawford v. Marion County Election Board – Question presented: Is Indiana’s strict voter identification law, which requires all voters who cast a ballot in person to present a photo ID, constitutional?
     PENSIONS – Kentucky Retirement Systems v. EEOC – Question presented: Whether a pension plan that openly gives different levels of retirement benefits to workers based on their age violates the Age Discrimination in Employment Act even if it arguably does not reflect any animus towards older workers?
     DEATH PENALTY, CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT – Baze v. Rees – Question presented: Do death sentences carried out by lethal injection violate the Eighth Amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishment? 
     CRIMINAL PROCEDURE – Gonzales v. U.S. – Question presented: Should magistrate judges be allowed to conduct jury selection without defendant’s personal consent? 
     TAX – Boulware v. U.S. – Question presented: Whether the “return of capital” rule, which holds that when a corporation that does not have profits or earnings distributes money to a shareholder, the money is a nontaxable return of capital up to the shareholder’s basis in his stock, applies automatically when a company without earnings or profits distributes money to a shareholder?

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