ORLANDO (CN) – A Quality Inn Suites manager and security guard forced their way into a naked married couple’s rented room near midnight, dragged them out semiclad into the lobby, “treated (them) like animals,” and accused the wife of being a prostitute, until “the manager realized he had made a horrible mistake,” the couple claims in Orange County Court.

     The couple claims the hotel managers did it because they falsely believed the wife had been driving a white truck, and “a prostitute had been seen driving this same kind of truck.” A hotel manager allegedly said, “We don’t allow your kind in here,” as he and a security guard intruded upon the naked married couple.
     The plaintiffs seek punitive damages. They are represented by Philip Bartlett in Orange County Court.
     The defendants are Made LLC, Choice Hotels International, Jim Radziewicz, Edgar Barbosa, and Luz Munoz.

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