Oklahoma Sues Snake Oil Salesmen

     OKLAHOMA CITY (CN) – Pure Energy Labs and its officers Darrin Clainton, Brian Forrester and Chris Wilson defraud consumers by selling bogus “sexual enhancement” and weight-loss drugs, and after offering a “free sample,” billing them $150 without consumers’ knowledge or consent, the State of Oklahoma claims in Oklahoma County Court.

     The Oklahoma City-based snake oil salesmen advertise and sell their bogus goods through the Internet, by telephone and mail, the State says.
     It says they have defrauded more than 115 customers of more than $13,000, and also operate under the names PE Labs, Physical Enhancement Labs, usaveonpills.com, thintabs.com, and C&F Holding.
     After offering a “free sample,” for $4.95 in postage, they bill their suckers’ credit cards for $149.95, the State says, and sometimes keep billing them $149.95 a month after the suckers believe they have canceled their “memberships.”
     They call their hokum Phentrazine, Vivetra, Cialifil, Intensa, and other names, the State says. See complaint.

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