O’Jays Say They Were Cheated Of Royalties

     PHILADELPHIA (CN) – The O’JaysEddie Levert and Walter Williams – demand $3 million from Philadelphia International Records and others, claiming the defendants breached a settlement agreement and continue to cheat them on royalties.

     Levert and Williams say they sued the defendants in this court in April 2004, and reached an agreement, before Judge Norma Shapiro, in March 2006.
     In breach of that agreement, the O’Jays claim the defendants refuse to pay up, or provide an accounting. They add that, among other things, “Defendants have wrongfully held over $47,000 which they state ‘they kept to pay their legal bill in another matter'”.
     Also named as defendants are Assorted Music Inc., Gamble-Huff Productions, Kenneth Gamble, Chuck Gamble, Leon Huff, and Phil Asbury.
     The O’Jays are represented by Rosalind Ray of Washington, D.C. See complaint.

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