Officer Who Ran Red|Light Costs City $500K

     (CN) – Jackson, Miss., must pay $500,000 to the family of a man killed by a police officer who drove 87 mph through a red light, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled.

     Desmonde Harris died when his Pontiac Grand Am was hit by the police car driven by Officer Jeffrey Middleton, who had not activated his siren or flashing lights at the time of the crash.
     Middleton was not responding to a police call. He was on his way to the hospital to provide insurance information to an injured driver.
     Middleton lost his job and was convicted of culpable-negligence manslaughter in the wake of the accident.
     The Harris family sued the city for wrongful death. Jackson claimed immunity under the Mississippi Tort Claims Act, but the trial court ruled for the Harris family, and the state high court affirmed.
     “We agree that Middleton acted with reckless disregard for the safety of others,” Justice Ann Lamar wrote.

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