Obama ‘Unleashes’|Wireless Broadband Plan

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Calling it a “wireless broadband revolution,” President Obama has directed executive agencies to make additional spectrum available for “America’s future competitiveness and global technology leadership.”

     Obama has asked the Commerce Department to collaborate with the Federal Communications Commission to make 500 MHz of spectrum available over the next 10 years. The spectrum would be federal and nonfederal, and suitable for both mobile and fixed wireless broadband use.
     The president hopes to get more people onto the Internet to spur the economy and bring down costs. He also expects expanded wireless broadband access “to trigger the creation of innovative new businesses, provide cost-effective connections in rural areas, increase productivity, improve public safety, and allow for the development of mobile telemedicine, telework, distance learning, and other new applications that will transform Americans’ lives.”
     As spectrum and Internet functionality increase, federal, state, local and tribal governments will be able to take advantage of the technology to improve services such as emergency, law enforcement, transportation and national security communications, the president added.

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