Obama Accuser Accused

WASHINGTON (CN) – A political blogger claims a gadfly defamed him with “wild allegations” about colluding with then-Senator Barack Obama’s campaign to hide the murder of a church choir director, cocaine use and gay sex. Daniel Parisi sued Larry Sinclair in Federal Court, and also sued a radio talk show host, Sinclair Publishing, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, and Books-a-Million.

     Parisi claims Sinclair published a book in 2009 that accuses him of colluding with Obama’s adviser David Axelrod to rig a polygraph exam that would debunk Sinclair’s story that he had sex and took cocaine with then-Senator Obama.
     Parisi claims that in 2008 Sinclair posted “wild allegations regarding the purchase, sale and use of drugs and sexual activity by and between Sinclair and Obama,” on YouTube. That video was still posted on YouTube this morning (Thursday).
     Parisi says Sinclair’s book is riddled with false information, including that he criminally conspired with Obama and his campaign; that he accepted money from the campaign; that he rigged Sinclair’s polygraph; that he and Obama were somehow involved in the murder of a church choir master; and that his website, Whitehouse.com, contained pornography.
     Parisi claims that Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Books-A-Million sell Sinclair’s book with claims such as “100% true,” and “staggeringly true story,” to sell the concoction of nonsense.
     “Sinclair’s book and the statements published by other defendants did not contain a scintilla of factual support for their wildly false and reckless untrue statements,” Parisi says.
     Parisi claims he sent a cease-and-desist order to Sinclair, who responded, “HELL, NO.”
     In his complaint, Parisi says his own website, Whitehouse.com, “paid Sinclair $20,000 by check as part of a modified agreement” for Sinclair to take a polygraph exam. Parisi claims the “modified agreement” came after “He [Parisi] offered to pay Sinclair $10,000 to take polygraph examinations and it pay him $100,000 if the examinations showed Sinclair was telling the truth. Whitehouse.com, Inc. later paid Sinclair $20,000 by check as part of a modified agreement.”
     Parisi claims Sinclair “showed deception” on both his polygraph exams, and never produced the evidence he claimed to have.
     Parisi seeks millions of dollars for defamation and business disparagement. He also sued radio talk show host Jeffrey Rense, of Ashland, Ore.
     Parisi is represented by Richard Oparil with Patton Boggs.

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