NYPD Inspector Sued by Women He Sprayed

     MANHATTAN (CN) – New York City’s Deputy Police Inspector Anthony Bologna must answer for the “spray felt ’round the world” that temporarily blinded two Occupy Wall Street protesters trapped behind orange netting, matching federal lawsuits say.
     Two young women, 25-year-old teaching assistant Kaylee Dedrick and 19-year-old student Kelly Schomberg, became the faces of police repression of the Occupy Wall Street movement weeks into the protests after Bologna doused their faces with chemicals one year ago.
     According to Ron Kuby, Dedrick’s lawyer, the NYPD offered Dedrick no help as she “collapsed to the ground, temporarily blinded, gasping for air and screaming in pain.”
     An Occupy Wall Street civilian medic came to her aid, “bleary red eyes met clear brown ones,” and the couple is expecting a child in two weeks, the lawyer said in a press release.
     “Despite her lawyers’ requests, the couple refuses to name their baby ‘Pepper,'” Kuby joked.     
     An internal NYPD investigation castigated Bologna for inappropriately using force and stripped him of 10 vacation days. New York City reportedly balked at representing Bologna in his civilian lawsuits.
     Still, New York City’s District Attorney so far has refrained from criminally prosecuting him for the incident, Kuby notes.
     “For Kaylee, it was never about the money. It is about making sure that a thug who attacks women in broad daylight is punished, even if he is a Deputy Inspector,” Kuby said. “Despite the fact that Bologna’s attack was fully captured on video and seen all over the world, Cy Vance has yet to make a decision as to whether to bring even misdemeanor assault charges.”
     Dedrick’s complaint notes that this is the tenth time Bologna has had to go to Manhattan Federal Court for allegations of trampling on the civil rights of protesters.
     Keeping Bologna on the force despite these incidents should make the city share liability for his actions, the complaint states.
     Both women seek punitive damages for assault, battery, negligence and other charges.
     Schomburg is represented by Earl Ward of Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady.

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