NYPD Accused of Killing Good Samaritan

     BROOKLYN (CN) – A good Samaritan who helped NYPD officers break down the door of a friend fighting with her knife-wielding ex-boyfriend was gunned down by police, the man’s son says in Federal Court.
     Rafael Laureano Jr. claims that after New York City Police Department killed his father, it doctored records to cover the tracks after his father.
     Rafael Laureano Sr., was shot at least a dozen times by police in a Brooklyn apartment on Sept. 29, 2014.
     Katarzyna (Kathy) Russo had called police that night, complaining that she was being attacked with a knife by her ex-boyfriend, Francisco Carvajal, according to the Sept. 14 lawsuit.
     Knowing Laureano Sr. was Russo’s friend, officers asked him to help break down her door, the complaint states. He did, shots rang out, Carvajal died on the spot, and Laureano Sr. was pronounced dead at a hospital.
     Police then doctored their reports, falsely claiming that Carvajal stabbed Laureano Sr., and they had to open fire, according to the complaint.
     Deputy Police Commissioner Stephen Davis issued a statement a few days later, stating that Laureano Sr. “was inadvertently shot by a police bullet” after Carvajal came after officers with a knife, and that officers “had to fire.”
     The shooting was one of many in the past year in which police have been accused of brutality against minorities nationwide. Most notable in New York is the case of Eric Garner, who was shown on video being put in a fatal chokehold by NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo while selling loose cigarettes near the Staten Island Ferry.
     Pantaleo was absolved of wrongdoing, and grand jury deliberations remained secret despite protests. The incident touched off a continuing cry against police brutality, and helped launch the “Black Lives Matter” movement.
     Named as defendants Laureano’s lawsuit are Officer Erin Frawley, Sgt. John Henderson and other unknown officials with the New York City Police Department.
     Laureano Jr. is represented by Abe George, of Manhattan.

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